My Husband's Go-To Frozen Dessert That's Anti-Inflammatory

My husband's sweet tooth is undeniable. Not only does he reach for something sweet after dinner every night, but he almost always does after lunch, too.


10/17/20232 min read

My Husband's Go-To Frozen Dessert That's Anti-Inflammatory

My husband has an undeniable sweet tooth. It's not just an after-dinner craving, but he also indulges in something sweet after lunch, and sometimes even enjoys cinnamon-raisin bread or muffins for "second breakfast." However, his love for sweets is not doing him any favors. He is in the early stages of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, a condition caused by excessive fat accumulation in the liver. To tackle this issue and promote a healthier lifestyle, we are determined to model good eating habits for our tween daughter by fostering a balanced approach to all types of food, including desserts.

At EatingWell, we firmly believe that every food has its place in a well-rounded diet. However, we understand that added sugar, in particular, can be highly inflammatory. Thus, we have been brainstorming ideas to satisfy my husband's sweet tooth while minimizing added sugar consumption. And among all the alternatives, one has become his go-to option time and time again: frozen cherries.

Our freezer is always stocked with a variety of frozen fruits (thanks to our Costco shopping trips) for smoothies, chia pudding, and even crisps. However, who says you can't enjoy frozen fruit as a snack on its own? During my pregnancy, I devoured frozen mango chunks as if they were sorbet – a delightful experience without the excess sugar, and I didn't have to wait for ripe mangoes. So, one evening when my husband settled into his recliner with a bowl of frozen cherries, I thought to myself, what a brilliant idea!

Frozen cherries tick so many boxes when it comes to healthy snacking. They offer natural sweetness, are budget-friendly (always in my freezer!), and are low in calories (only 71 calories per 100 grams, approximately ½ cup). Moreover, cherries are packed with anthocyanins and polyphenols, making them an excellent choice for fighting inflammation. These compounds may also promote better sleep by potentially increasing the body's natural melatonin levels – an added bonus when enjoyed as a before-bed snack.

While we still reserve special nights for traditional desserts like ice cream sundaes and banana bread, the other evenings of the week are just as sweet when we savor a bowl of frosty cherries.

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